NewsSquash Australia partners with Itomic to map facilities across the country

September 11, 2021

Squash Australia is pleased to announce a new partnership with web/app design and development company, Itomic, which will give the organisation a better understanding of squash facilities across Australia and provide Australian players with access to quality venue information.

Itomic has been developing its application for over two years, using a crowdsourcing format which allows users to quickly and easily, in real-time, add and improve squash venue and court data. The outcome is higher quality data at much lower cost than traditional survey methods.

Squash Australia CEO Robert Donaghue said that collaborating with Itomic will improve the squash players’ experience and help the governing body identify gaps in the market and opportunities to grow.

“The partnership will enable the squash community to log up-to-date information about facilities they visit around the country.

“This information will not only be useful to players looking for a venue to play, but on a larger scale it will also enable our organisation to make more informed decisions about resource allocation, evaluate how facility standards can be improved and have a better picture of the areas where the current offering doesn’t match the demand for squash in terms of quality or volume,” he said.

Itomic director Ross Gerring said that when the team started building the application, it quickly became apparent that quality venue and court data was sorely lacking.

“What you can measure, you can manage. So we set to work solving this problem by employing highly efficient data collection, validation, and storage methods.

“We combine the best of Google Map data, plus other data sources and, most critically, the generous crowdsourced support of Australian squashies,” he said.

The crowdsourcing model will allow squash enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, including regional and national committee members, to contribute to the collection and improvement of data. The use of a single, smart mobile platform will also reduce duplication and inconsistencies in the information.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Squash Australia for this provision of high-quality squash facilities data and other associated services,” Gerring said.

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